There are moments whenever you browse the online and are available throughout images that make you cease and suppose. The surreal and charming “Underwater Realm” mission of Anuar Patjane Floriuk does precisely that.

Floriuk exhibits us a black and white underwater world, the place shoals of fish, big whales, and apex predators seize our creativeness. The explanation that I need to share Floriuk’s art work is to indicate you simply how stunning conservation images will be.

Underwater Images With a Mission

Floriuk, a photographer and social anthropologist born in Mexico, is captivated with images in addition to our surroundings. With “Underwater Realm,” he stresses that the huge, submerged biosphere is a largely unknown treasure that we’re about to lose resulting from human motion. As we’re brutally overfishing the world’s oceans, the stability of our planet appears to be locked in a downward spiral. Conservation and environmental safety have been already on his agenda, however as Floriuk noticed the oceans change throughout his free time as a diver, one thing occurred to him. I suppose that is true for each location. The extra you immerse your self in an setting, the extra it grows on you.

Above is one picture titled “Pet your Shark” that actually struck me. Floriuk describes the picture of a bull shark as how unlikely a shark assault is in opposition to people. Bull sharks, now frequent alongside the coasts of Mexico, merely do not care about us. “We have to cease fearing sharks,” stated Floriuk. “Killing them simply to get their fins to make soup after which throwing again the dying sharks again into the ocean is simply probably the most brutal issues I’ve seen a human do to a different being.”

Take a look at Floriuk’s evocative submerged monochromes in his gallery or comply with him on Instagram or Fb.

Images used with permission by Anuar Patjane Floriuk.


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