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MTBF (Imply Time Between Failures) of XQD playing cards

21 hours in the past

Within the occasion of the newly Z6 & Z7, which have just one card slot, which is nevertheless XQD, the query is, why NIkon made this design resolution. I suppose we are able to all agree, that this resolution was actually not made by probability at Nikon and it’s greater than protected to imagine, Nikon had its deep discussions and ideas on this. Nonetheless they got here out with this answer. This brings me to a different query. I’ve learn/heard, that XQD playing cards have an truly close to zero failure charge respectively a close to infinite MTBF (Imply Time Between Failures) time. This could very a lot clarify – at the least relating to the flexibility and realiabilty declare (redundancy) – why Nikon went this fashion.

From all of you right here, I want to know, which of you already had a card failure and which of you with an with an XQD-Card. I might encourage you to be as trustworthy as attainable. I do know, many Sony fanbois will take this chance, to misuse this ballot and state sure, whereas they solely wish to let Nikon look even worse with this resolution. It’s as much as you, to be as honest and trustworthy as attainable.

With regards to my private expertise in over 35 years of Pictures, f which a  good share was digital, I by no means ever had a single card failure on me, with no format ever used. This implies additionally, by no means with XQD playing cards.

So tell us, what your expertise is. You might be additionally very welcome to explain the story behind your playing cards failure(s) if you would like.

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Had no card failure in any respect, no matter format

77.8% 7  votes

Had card failure(s), however none with XQD-Playing cards

22.2% 2  votes

Had card failure(s) with XQD-Playing cards

0.0% 0  votes

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