Oscar Wilde stated, “there isn’t any sin besides stupidity.” Add narcissism to the combination, and silly selfies killed 259 individuals world wide during the last six years.

Taking footage with a bear, on the sting of a cliff, or standing on an lively prepare observe? All of us heard about these disturbing tales the place individuals die taking selfies. The development has now been studied scientifically, and listed below are the outcomes.

A Public Security Concern

Selfie is a latest phenomenon and was named because the phrase of the 12 months 2013 by Oxford Dictionary. Google estimated that 24 billion selfies had been uploaded to Google photographs in 2015. About 1 million selfies are clicked per day in 18-to-24-year-old demographic. Pew analysis facilities have discovered that round 55 % of millennials have posted a selfie on social media companies.

Clicking selfies and sharing them on social media has grow to be a mode of self expression, however some individuals typically painting themselves amid harmful settings in order to achieve consideration on social media websites. In some instances, this has had deadly penalties. The primary time Google search engine obtained a request for “selfie deaths” was in January 2014, when the dying of a Lebanonian turned the tragic viral sensation.

Due to this fact, the Indian Journal of Household Medication and Major Care printed a medical examine concerning the deaths by selfie. In line with the authors, selfies “have grow to be an rising drawback, and we carried out this examine to evaluate the epidemiology of selfie-related deaths throughout the globe.” The findings are troubling: deaths associated to selfies killed 259 individuals between October 2011 and November 2017. Primarily, annually, selfies kill about 20 occasions extra individuals than shark assaults.

A Rising Pattern

There have been three selfie associated deaths reported in 2011, two in 2013, 13 in 2014, 50 in 2015, 98 and 93, respectively, in 2016 and 2017. By way of age distribution, about 50 % of complete selfie deaths occurred in 20-29 12 months age group adopted by 36 % deaths in 10-19 12 months age group. Thus, the danger to die due to selfie is significantly decreased after the age of 30.

The primary reason for selfie deaths are drowning, transport, fall, and hearth. Curiously, many of the selfie deaths attributable to firearms occurred in the USA, which is probably attributable to permissive gun legal guidelines on this nation. As for the geographical illustration, India ranks first, adopted by Russia, USA, and Pakistan.

An Underestimated Dying Toll

Nonetheless the examine notes that “selfies are by no means reported as an official reason for dying. For instance, sure highway accidents whereas posing for selfies are reported as dying attributable to highway visitors accident. Thus, the true magnitude of drawback is underestimated.” The authors add {that a} important variety of selfie-related deaths are usually not reported in growing international locations regardless of that these international locations seize a serious chunk in general numbers. On prime of that, the examine solely targeted on selfie-related deaths reported in English information, which dramatically reduces the scope of the analysis. In actuality, the selfie dying toll might be a lot higher than 259. So please, keep protected and do not do not put your life in danger for the sake of likes and followers. It is not price it.

Reference of the examine: Selfies: A boon or bane? by Agam Bansal, Chandan Garg, Abhijith Pakhare, Samiksha Gupta


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