As you advance along with your images, chances are you’ll need to edit your pictures with extra exact management. On this article, I talk about how one can use Lumenzia Luminosity Masking Panel to simply edit sections of your picture utilizing Luminosity Masks in Adobe Photoshop.

These masks let you management completely different points of your picture with out affecting others. You may manually create these luminosity masks, or you should use a product corresponding to Lumenzia to make them for you mechanically, in addition to making use of many generally used adjustment layers in Adobe Photoshop.

Making Photoshop Luminosity Masks Easy with Lumenzia 2

Hoar Frost on a River Stone after Utilizing Luminosity Masks

Lumenzia is a luminosity masking panel that’s an add-on utility that works inside Adobe Photoshop. It lets you rapidly create and effectively use a variety of luminosity masks in your picture modifying. To grasp how Lumenzia works, as a result of it’s a little technical, it is advisable perceive how Photoshop layers work.

Lumenzia, in its most simple phrases, is used inside Adobe Photoshop to let you manipulate photographs with layer masks. For this text, all of the references and pictures are for Lumenzia V6.0.  Lumenzia seems as a panel inside Photoshop.

Making Photoshop Luminosity Masks Easy with Lumenzia 3Making Photoshop Luminosity Masks Easy with Lumenzia 3

Lumenzia Panel

Luminosity Masks

Luminosity masks, often known as Luminescence masks, are a means of creating superior choices in Photoshop primarily based on luminosity values. This technique is especially helpful for photographs with a excessive dynamic vary.

For instance, let’s say we’re trying on the hoar frost ice ball picture. It’s a vibrant object on a darkish background, the place the publicity is prone to have been chosen for the darker areas reasonably than the ice ball, making the ice ball extra grey than white. The picture is uneven as a result of the white part (the ice ball) is underexposed. We may make a second publicity, this time exposing to account for the ice ball after which easily mix the world of the ice into the darker background.

Making Photoshop Luminosity Masks Easy with Lumenzia 4Making Photoshop Luminosity Masks Easy with Lumenzia 4

Underexposed Unique Hoar Frost Ice Ball

There are numerous methods to make choices in Photoshop, however on this specific instance, Luminosity Masks would permit us to pick the over-exposed space as a result of it targets luminosity values (i.e., the brightness of an space), and easily mix within the darker publicity. The picture under reveals the luminosity histogram for this picture.

Making Photoshop Luminosity Masks Easy with Lumenzia 5Making Photoshop Luminosity Masks Easy with Lumenzia 5

Ice ball histogram

Luminosity masks are extremely highly effective as a result of you may manipulate particular elements of your picture. As with all masks, the important thing to recollect is that white reveals and black conceals. There are a number of makes use of for most of these masks together with fine-tuning photographs, spotlight restoration, HDR photographs, black and white imagery, and common masking makes use of.

Lumenzia is an add-on product for Photoshop CC that permits for the automation of utilizing Luminosity Masks. The bounds of what you employ this device for is expounded to your creativeness and the way far you need to manipulate photographs.

Making Photoshop Luminosity Masks Easy with Lumenzia 6Making Photoshop Luminosity Masks Easy with Lumenzia 6

Bonavista Harbour at Evening – Excessive Dynamic Vary

What’s a Luminosity Masks?

Basically, there are two basic traits of the information contained within the photographic data in digital kind: Chromatic (shade, hue, and tint) and Luminosity (brightness). Luminosity masks deal with utilizing the brightness of the data contained within the picture information to let you manipulate parts of the picture selectively.

There are another nice articles on dPS concerning Luminosity Masks. This being a reasonably superior idea, understanding how layers work in Photoshop is important, or chances are you’ll not perceive a lot of this text.

Why use Luminosity Masks?

In occasions previous and to today, many photographers use strategies corresponding to a white seamless background behind a portrait topic to permit for the background to be modified in post-production. Another photographers use shade to permit the background to changed.

Making Photoshop Luminosity Masks Easy with Lumenzia 7Making Photoshop Luminosity Masks Easy with Lumenzia 7

Cute Pet on White Seamless Background

The excellence between the 2 backgrounds is that the white background has completely different luminosity ranges, making it simpler to masks out the background manually. Coloured backgrounds can create issues as a result of shade of the clothes worn and shade from the background affecting the sides of the topic within the foreground. The lighting on the topic may also have an effect on this. The coloured background is a chromatic masks reasonably than a luminosity masks. Luminosity masks are used to resolve this concern.

Once more, layer masks all the time work on the premise that white reveals and black conceals.

Let’s take a look at three masks for the Ice Ball picture:

  • ‘Lights’ (L2) Masks (simply from the excessive finish)
  • ‘Mid-tone’ Masks (simply from the center)
  • ‘Darks’ masks (simply from the darker finish)

It’s the identical picture utilizing the completely different masks. Through the use of these masks, you may modify the picture in these particular areas. The white areas are the chosen areas of the histogram and the additional you get from the choice, the darker the masks is. For the ‘Highlights,’ solely the sunshine values are white. For the ‘Mid-tone’ choice, solely the mid-range values are white, making the highlights darkish in addition to the darkish vary. Lastly, the ‘Darks’ choice reveals the darkish vary in white.

Making Photoshop Luminosity Masks Easy with Lumenzia 8Making Photoshop Luminosity Masks Easy with Lumenzia 8

Lights 2 Masks

Making Photoshop Luminosity Masks Easy with Lumenzia 8Making Photoshop Luminosity Masks Easy with Lumenzia 8

Mids 2 Masks

Making Photoshop Luminosity Masks Easy with Lumenzia 9Making Photoshop Luminosity Masks Easy with Lumenzia 9

Darks 2 Masks

How do you create Luminosity masks?

There are 3 ways to create luminosity masks. Firstly, you may create your personal (time-consuming) after which automate this course of. Secondly, you may buy Lightroom or Photoshop presets which have another person create an automatic course of for you. The third means is an add-in product that works inside Photoshop. Lumenzia is an add-in product that works properly.

There are two points with the primary two strategies of producing Luminosity Masks; the time it takes to arrange and automate them and the dimensions of the information which have them utilized with layer masks. Utilizing presets or actions to generate Layer Masks can considerably enhance the dimensions of the information inside Photoshop as a result of every layer is successfully a picture. This course of takes up exhausting drive area and may place further processing energy in your laptop.

Lumenzia makes use of Vector Masks as an alternative of Layer Masks to quickly create the Luminosity Masks. It permits for the speedy manipulation of photographs and discarding of masks is simple. All whereas protecting the picture measurement smaller and extra versatile.

How does Lumenzia work?

Lumenzia is an thrilling product by itself because it lets you effectively management and automate many duties associated to Luminosity Masks. It integrates into Photoshop CC as a panel with easy button instructions – lots of which have directions as you hover over them.

It’s a highly effective device, and whereas the preliminary ideas are easy, the educational curve for utilizing the product effectively could also be steep for some. Fortunately, there are additionally built-in video tutorials which might be launched from inside Photoshop straight from the panel (you require an web connection for these to perform). The aim of this assessment is to offer you a little bit of an outline of the way it works so you may see if it’s best for you.

The Lumenzia Panel

The vast majority of the panel reveals the choices of the luminosity ranges you want – when you perceive how one can choose the varied luminosity ranges. As an example, think about a regular histogram for a picture.

The RGB histogram reveals the distribution of all of the luminosity ranges from pure black on the far left and pure white on the far proper. The Lumenzia panel is split up into sections. The highest portion of the panel is the luminosity masks choice and preview space that lets you see what you’ve got chosen.

Making Photoshop Luminosity Masks Easy with Lumenzia 10Making Photoshop Luminosity Masks Easy with Lumenzia 10

Choice Portion of Lumenzia Panel

This high part divides up the luminosity ranges primarily based on the ranges you want to use. Visually, the buttons provide you with a transparent concept of the luminosity vary that the buttons choose. The buttons might be mixed and inverted.

When you press a specific vary, a brief choice seems and the layer buttons present.

Have a look at the luminosity histogram and spot the buttons visually present (on the identical horizontal line) an approximate distribution of the luminescence values being chosen.

The road of numbers (0-10), simply above the underside, is the zone values that Ansel Adams made well-known as a part of his processing method.

As soon as you choose a spread, a preview seems with a set of orange tabs. These are simply momentary to point out you ways the masks appears.

Making Photoshop Luminosity Masks Easy with Lumenzia 12Making Photoshop Luminosity Masks Easy with Lumenzia 12

Orange Preview Tabs

The second part is the ‘Apply Panel.’ This panel lets you use the masks on a typical set of adjustment layer instructions inside Photoshop, corresponding to curves, ranges, distinction, brightness, HSL, and selective shade. It applies the masks you’ve got chosen by creating an adjustment layer with the layer controls arrange from the masks. The properties of the adjustment layer can then be modified.

Making Photoshop Luminosity Masks Easy with Lumenzia 13Making Photoshop Luminosity Masks Easy with Lumenzia 13

Lumenzia Apply Panel

The third part is the ‘Refine Panel’ for refining the masks you’ve got chosen. It lets you group and mix your choices in addition to work with edge refinement. This part of the Lumenzia panel is fitted to extra superior customers.

Making Photoshop Luminosity Masks Easy with Lumenzia 14Making Photoshop Luminosity Masks Easy with Lumenzia 14

Refine Panel


When you get conversant in Lumenzia, creating adjustment layers that work in your photographs with precision is unbelievable. The web tutorials present a wide selection of examples of how one can management all points of your photographs. The panels talked about include the total add-in program ($39.99 US), however there’s additionally a primary free panel that helps you get a really feel for the way it works. The Lumenzia web site might be discovered right here.

Utilizing Lumenzia to regulate your photographs might help you produce dynamic outcomes in your photographs.  Joyful processing!

Have you ever tried Lumenzia? What outcomes have you ever had with it? Please share with us within the feedback under.

Making Photoshop Luminosity Masks Easy with Lumenzia 15Making Photoshop Luminosity Masks Easy with Lumenzia 15

Wansford Bridge



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