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CineStill launches powdered versions of its B&W and color film development kits: Digital Photography Review


CineStill has launched powder-based variations of its Df96 monochrome and C-41 colour movie growth kits. The brand new kits solely require a little bit of distilled water to convey them to life and make each storing and delivery simpler for each retailers and customers.

Not like liquid chemical compounds, which are sometimes restricted in delivery choices on account of weight and numerous hazardous supplies restrictions, powdered chemistry is not practically as restricted. This implies these new kits might be extra inexpensive to ship — as much as 75% cheaper in response to CineStill — and extra simply accessible outdoors of mainland United States and Europe with higher delivery occasions, because of the capacity to ship in First-Class and Precedence envelopes, which are not as regulated for transportation.

The chemical compounds are an identical to their liquid counterparts as soon as combined in response to the directions. The kits have an ‘indefinite’ shelf-life in response to CineStill, till combined, after which the chemical compounds ought to be good for as much as one yr in a sealed bottle. The Df96 growth package is rated to be used with 16 rolls of monochrome movie whereas the Cs41 growth package is rated for 24 rolls of colour movie.

Past saving on delivery, the worth of the kits themselves are extra inexpensive. The Df96 monochrome growth package prices $16.99, whereas the Cs41 colour growth package prices $24.99, $three and $1 cheaper than the liquid variations, respectively.

The Df96 ‘Developer&Repair’ B&W monobath and Cs41 ‘Shade Simplified 2-bath package can be found for buy on CineStill’s web site.


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