Picture By Bob Faucher

Congratulations to Bob Faucher for successful the Winter Fog And Mist Project with the picture, “Moose’s Tooth Massif.”

“My grandson joined me in Talkeetna to do a flightseeing tour of Denali,” says Faucher. “After heavy snow fell simply days earlier than our deliberate departure, we have been happy to see usually clear skies and layers of clouds surrounding the mountain on this present day. Good! I preset our cameras to Time Variable mode with a modest ISO since we’d be flying quick over huge terrain. This allowed the cameras to pick out the suitable aperture shortly. Handholding is required to dampen the vibrations generated by the engine and propeller. We started our ascent up the Nice Gorge of Ruth Glacier. As we approached the north finish of the gorge, the distinct, spectacular 5,000-foot vertical columns of Moose’s Tooth all of a sudden appeared to the east. The pilot then turned eastward and we have been handled to the complete Moose’s Tooth massif.

“There are specific skylines wilder and much more stunning than merely the sum of their elements. The Moose’s Tooth massif is such a skyline. It seems extra like an extended ridge of related summits than a singular mountain. Certainly, it appears like a jawbone, curved in a refined horseshoe, every successive level rising in prominence. First, there’s the Sugar Tooth with its snow-pillow summit, then the canine-shaped Eye Tooth and the gleaming white incisor of the Bear Tooth. Final comes the Moose’s Tooth itself, a molar-shaped mountain of bronze buttresses and slender couloirs, capped by a summit ridge that stretches a mile from its highest level to the west summit. The ridge continues for an additional mile, dropping steeply to the ground of the gorge. The brilliant fluffy clouds and lacy wind-blown extensions surrounding every element contrasted extremely with the darkish, sharp, angular rocky flanks and ridges of the massif.”

Canon EOS 5D II; Canon EF 28-70mm @ 70mm; handheld; RAW seize: f/14 @ 1/250 sec, ISO 100; Auto publicity, TV mode; Middle weighted-average metering; Auto WB.

See extra of Bob Faucher’s images at faucherphotography.com.



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