Do you need to seize wonderful photographs of birds? In that case, it’s important to grasp chicken images compositions.

Composition refers back to the association of parts inside the photograph. And it’s typically the distinction between a artistic, compelling picture, and a picture that simply falls flat.

On this article, I’m going to share with you all the pieces it’s worthwhile to learn about chicken images composition. I’m going to present you many suggestions that make sure you seize lovely chicken images compositions, with out fail.

Sound good?

Let’s dive proper in.


The composition fundamentals: Capturing a beautiful chicken photograph

Once you take a chicken photograph, all the pieces within the body issues.

The chicken. The place of the chicken. The place of the chicken’s head. The background. Any parts behind the chicken. Any parts in entrance of the chicken.

It’s all essential.

As a result of the important thing to a beautiful chicken images compositions is preserving the shot targeted in your essential topic.


You need to be sure that the chicken stands out within the body. You need to make sure that all the pieces else within the photograph emphasizes and enhances the chicken.

So how do you do this?

A number of easy methods, beginning with:

Simplify your entire composition to make the chicken stand out

In case your composition is chaotic, then the viewer goes to get misplaced.

And that’s completely not what you need.

As a substitute, it’s best to intention to simplify the composition as a lot as attainable. The very best compositions are likely to embody a chicken and a background. That’s it.

A Quick Guide to Amazing Bird Photography Compositions

Whereas it’s attainable to create lovely pictures by together with extra birds or fascinating options (e.g., shells, flowers), I like to recommend avoiding that as a lot as attainable. These mess up compositions extra typically than they improve them.

Additionally, within the curiosity of simplicity: If there’s something within the body that’s distracting, eliminate it. So make sure that there are not any branches behind the chicken. Make sure that there’s nothing within the background that dominates the body or attracts the attention.

That’s the way you’ll hold your chicken images compositions lovely.

And talking of backgrounds:

Goal for a uniform, easy background that makes the chicken pop

If you would like a phenomenal chicken images compositions, then you definitely want a phenomenal background.

What does this contain?

First, one of the best chicken images backgrounds are easy. They’re additionally uniform.

Like this:

A Quick Guide to Amazing Bird Photography Compositions

Discover how the background is a pleasant uniform coloration.

It retains the eye on the chicken. It doesn’t distract.

To create a background like this, you need to begin by guaranteeing a big separation between the chicken and the background. One trick is to get down low, on the chicken’s degree; it will trigger the bottom behind the chicken to fall away, making a extra distant background.

You must also be sure to use a decently broad aperture, reminiscent of f/5.6 or f/6.3 (the particulars rely on the scale of your chicken, since you don’t need to by chance make elements of the chicken delicate!).

Lastly, it’s best to be sure that the background doesn’t embody colourful parts that catch the attention. Earlier than you’re taking a shot, look behind your chicken, and ask your self: Will something within the background dominate the body? Will something pull the viewer away from the chicken?

If the reply is “Sure,” then it’s best to take into account shifting barely to the left or proper so that you just’re not caught with a distracting background.

Use the rule of thirds to place the chicken’s eye

Now that you understand how to seize lovely backgrounds, it’s time to take a look at your essential topic and how you can place it.

Usually talking, you’ll have a single chicken in your photographs. And it’s worthwhile to place this chicken rigorously.

You don’t need to put it smack-dab in the course of the body. That’s a recipe for a boring, static composition.

As a substitute, I like to recommend you place the chicken in order that its eye falls alongside a rule of thirds energy level.

What’s the rule of thirds energy factors?

They’re merely factors which might be a 3rd of the best way into the body, each vertically and horizontally.

The attention on this photograph, as an illustration, falls alongside an influence level:

A Quick Guide to Amazing Bird Photography Compositions

It’s a 3rd of the best way down, and a 3rd of the best way from the left.

Now, the rule of thirds is misnamed; it’s a tenet, not a hard-and-fast rule. However it’s an effective way to place your chicken and can be sure that the shot feels much more fascinating.

So use the rule of thirds at any time when you possibly can to place your chicken inside the body.

Level the chicken into the body so as to add motion

I’ve talked about positioning your essential topic utilizing the rule of thirds, however there’s one other side to positioning that it’s best to all the time, all the time take into account:

The course the chicken is pointing.

You see, most chicken photographs have some empty house within the body.

And after they do…

…you need to level the chicken into the empty house, somewhat than away from it.


You see, by ensuring the chicken is wanting into the empty house, it provides a way of completeness and a way of movement to the body. The viewer’s eye follows the birds line of sight, and all the pieces feels satisfying.

Whereas should you level the chicken out of the body, the entire shot feels tense. The viewer desires to know what’s exterior the body, with no decision in sight.

That’s why chicken photographers like to level the chicken into the body. It’s way more satisfying, and might flip the shot into one thing highly effective.

Seize the chicken in a artistic pose for elevated curiosity

Now, with regards to chicken images, you possibly can seize birds in a standard standing pose.

And that’ll get you some good photographs.

However typically…

This isn’t sufficient.

If you wish to create actually artistic chicken images, it’s worthwhile to transcend the easy standing pose. And seize the chicken doing one thing fascinating.

What counts as fascinating?

For one, preening birds look actually fascinating. They seem splendidly tranquil as they clear their feathers.

A Quick Guide to Amazing Bird Photography Compositions

And birds which might be sleeping additionally give off a way of peace that I like.

You can too go for motion pictures: Birds feeding, as an illustration, can create a number of curiosity. You may seize photographs of birds which might be about to catch meals, are presently catching meals, or have simply caught meals. Consider a chicken with an enormous fish in its mouth.

It’s assured so as to add curiosity.

Cool, proper?

You can too go for pictures of birds combating or, as is a typical chicken images apply, pictures of birds flying. Photographing birds in flight could be a problem, however a extremely rewarding one.

So everytime you’re in a position, don’t simply take a regular chicken photograph. Transcend this.

Make one thing distinctive!

A fast information to wonderful chicken images compositions: Conclusion

You need to now have a way of one of the best methods to seize lovely chicken images compositions.

And bear in mind:

Getting wonderful compositions isn’t exhausting. You simply have to make use of the information that I’ve given you, and also you’ll be taking beautiful photographs very quickly.

Produce other suggestions for beautiful chicken images compositions? Share them within the feedback!


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