Sony’s FE 12-24mm f4.Zero G is an ultra-wide angle zoom lens for its E mount mirrorless cameras, and corrected to be used on full-frame our bodies. It delivers vast to ultra-wide protection that’s splendid for dramatic city and pure landscapes and has the distinctive benefit of zooming-out to 12mm which provides an Eight diploma wider view over lenses that ‘solely’ begin at 14mm. It additionally exploits the brief sensor to lens mount distance of mirrorless to realize a smaller and lighter construct than rivals for DSLRs.

The FE 12-24mm f4.Zero G was introduced in 2017 and is presently listed at 1550 EUR / 1670 USD / 1400 GBP. In 2020 Sony additionally launched the FE 12-24mm f2.Eight GM at roughly double the value and Sigma additionally now has its personal 14-24mm f2.Eight DG DN Artwork at a value barely beneath the FE 12-24mm f4.Zero G. So there’re now sufficient selections in native E-mount to choose an ultra-wide angle zoom lens from.

Info from the catalog

Let’s examine the Sony FE 12-24mm f4.Zero G (“Sony f4.Zero G” for brief) to the Sigma 14-24mm f2.Eight DG DN Artwork (“Sigma DN”) and Sony FE 12-24mm f2.Eight GM (“Sony f2.Eight GM”). As ordinary I’ve rated the options with a [+] (or [++]), when it’s higher than common and even cutting-edge, a [0] if it’s commonplace or simply common, and [-] if there’s an obstacle.

Measurement (diameter x size): All three lenses have a built-in lens hood and don’t change their size when zooming – though the entrance factor of the lenses strikes. The Sony f4.Zero G is a fairly compact 87 x 117mm (3.Four x 4.6in.). At 86 x 132mm the Sigma DN is longer however the Sony f2.Eight GM at 97 x 137mm is largest lens of the three. [+]

Weight: At 563g (19.9 oz.) the Sony f4.Zero G is far lighter than the Sigma DN at 797g or the Sony f2.Eight GM at 847g. That is actually as a result of it having a much less shiny f4.Zero focal ratio. [+]

Optics: The Sony FE 12-24mm f4.Zero G has 17 parts in 13 teams together with Four particular dispersion parts and Four aspherical parts. That is much like the opposite lenses on this comparability. To cut back reflections inflicting flare, glare and ghosting the Sony f4.Zero G employs Nano-coating. [+]

Closest focus distance is 0.28m (0.91ft.) at 24mm focal size with a magnification of 1:7.Zero which has similarities to the Sony f2.Eight GM. This ends in a working distance of solely 15cm. The Sigma DN obtain 1:5.1 at 23cm focus distance. A magnification of 1:10 is achieved at round 0.35m focus distance with all three lenses. [0]

Filter-thread: Not one of the lenses on this comparability provide a filter-thread – their bulbous entrance parts stop that. So that you must get some non-standard mounting system and a brand new set of filters. The Sigma DN and Sony f2.Eight GM at the least enable using gel filters in a rear filter holder. Take note although that gels can’t be rotated which precludes using polarizers. [-]

Picture stabilization: All three lenses on this comparability haven’t any optical picture stabilization. However the Sony A7 digital camera our bodies present built-in sensor-shift stabilization. [0]

Auto focus: Sure with built-in AF drive. Guide-focus override is by merely turning the devoted focus ring on the entrance of the lens. It has a mildly variable gearing overlaying the main focus vary in 90 levels when turned quick and about 200 levels when turned slowly. This might not be splendid for clean focus pulling in movies however it’s simpler than on the Sigma DN with far more variable gearing. All three lenses even have an additional button which could be assigned many alternative capabilities e.g. AF-lock. [+]

Lens profile: All tree lens include a lens profile for vignette-, CA- and distortion-compensation which could be managed from the digital camera. [+]

Covers full body/FF or smaller. Similar with the opposite lenses. [+]

Value: The Sony f4.Zero G presently goes for 1550 EUR (incl. 16% VAT) / 1670 USD / 1400 GBP, the Sigma DN is 1450 EUR / 1399 USD / 1299 GBP, the Sony f2.Eight GM is at 3300 EUR / 3000 USD / 2900 GBP. [0]

Aperture ring: Not one of the lenses on this comparability has an aperture ring. [0]

The lens comes with a padded pouch however no straps. [+]

Sealing: sure, a rubber grommet on the lens-mount plus additional particular weather-sealing all through the development, similar to the opposite two lenses. [+]

The rating within the “features-department” is 1[-]/3[0]/8[+]. The Sony FE 12-24mm f4.Zero G is comparatively small and light-weight for an ultra-wide zoom lens and provides a great characteristic set. It might not have the brilliant f2.Eight focal ratio but it surely begins at 12mm focal size giving a visibly wider field-of-view than different lenses beginning at 14mm. One other downside in comparison with the options right here is that it doesn’t present for using rear gel filters: the one method to make use of filters is to get some non-standard mounting system for entrance filters.

Two ultra-wide zoom lenses

Above: Sony FE 12-24mm f4.Zero G (left), Sigma 14-24mm f2.Eight DG DN Artwork (proper)


If you wish to cowl the vary of focal lengths from 14mm to 24mm there are actually solely two options to the Sony FE 12-24mm f4.Zero G accessible within the native E-mount:

  • Sony launched the FE 12-24mm f2.Eight GM in 2020 with a one cease brighter focal ratio. However then the lens is larger and 50% heavier than the Sony f4.Zero G and comes at twice the value.
  • Sigma provides the 14-24mm f2.Eight DG DN Artwork from 2020 at a barely cheaper price than the Sony f4.Zero G. It would ‘solely’ begin at 14mm focal size giving an Eight diploma narrower view on the brief finish than the Sonys but it surely nonetheless delivers huge protection. The Sigma DN can also be one cease brighter than the Sony f4.Zero G however for that it’s longer and 40% heavier too.

Different options cowl completely different focal lengths just like the guide focus Laowa 10-18mm f4.5-5.6 which is presently the one full body zoom lens beginning at 10mm focal size with a recti-linear projection. Otherwise you use older DLSR designs through mount adapter.

Right here is the angle of view that the Sony FE 12-24mm f4.Zero G covers with its 2x zoom in comparison with the 1.7x protection of the Sigma 14-24mm f2.Eight DG DN Artwork:


Above: Sony 12-24mm f4.Zero G protection on Sony A7R II (FF) physique at 12mm (left) and 24mm (proper)


Above: Sigma 14-24mm f2.Eight DG DN Artwork protection on Sony A7R II (FF) physique at 14mm (left) and 24mm (proper)

Focus and zoom

Focus accuracy and repeatability is important to persistently produce sharp photographs. Repeatability (the accuracy of give attention to the identical topic after repeated focus-acquisition) of the Sony FE 12-24mm f4.Zero G at 24mm focal size is sweet (measured 98.7% in Reikan FoCal) with no outliers over a collection of 40 photographs. There may be additionally no focus variation whether or not the lens focuses from a more in-depth distance or from infinity. At 24mm focal size the lens focuses in round 0.5 sec from infinity to 0.35m (1:10 magnification), which is quicker than the Sigma 14-24mm f2.Eight DG DN Artwork which took 0.7 sec.

The zoom ring turns by means of 55 levels and has a 22mm vast rubber floor with a great grip. It wants much less pressure than the Sigma. The main focus ring on the entrance is 15mm vast and strikes easily.

AF-operation of the Sony f4.Zero G is inaudible from the skin or if you happen to document video with the built-in microphone. Similar with the Sigma.

As you pull focus, you’ll hardly discover any focus respiration: After I adjusted the main focus from infinity to 0.35m on the Sony f4.Zero G I measured lower than 2% improve in magnification at 24mm focal size and fewer than 1% at 12mm. That is much like the Sigma.

The Sony FE 12-24mm f4.Zero G zoom lens is parfocal: After I targeted the lens at 24mm and zoomed again to 12mm focus stays on the identical spot. Similar with the Sigma.

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